5 tips to get rid of sore muscles

It is inevitable that if you are working out hard at the gym, you are going to find yourself having sore muscles for the next couple of days. Don’t let this deter you from continuing your weekly workout routine, you just need to remember to balance out the muscles that you are working to give the others a chance to heal up. Some people like a bit of soreness, as it makes them feel like they did some good work at the gym, while others may find it uncomfortable and disruptive. But regardless of if you like it or not, it may be nice to have a bit of relief from that soreness to continue with your weekly workout routine. Let’s talk about 5 tips to get rid of, or ease, those sore muscles.

What causes sore muscles?

Muscle soreness, post workout, is a result of a micro-trauma of the muscle fibers and connective tissues. Now, this may sound bad, as it is basically tiny tears within the muscle fibers, but this is completely normal and necessary to build those muscles up. The pain that comes from this soreness is due to a small level of inflammation build up as the muscles heal.

How to help it:

So, now that you know what causes the sore muscles, let’s talk about how to help dull that pain.

#1 Make sure to warm up before your workouts
It is so important to make sure your muscles are warmed up before beginning your intense workout. This helps prevent injury as well as helps the muscles to prepare for your workout, which in turn reduces the natural micro-injury inflammation.

#2 Make sure to stretch
Stretching is a great way to help your muscles heal. It is best to stretch after your workout, once your muscles are completely warmed up. Ensuring flexibility will not only help your muscles immediately post workout but also in the long run to prevent future soreness.

#3 Try out a yoga class
Speaking of stretching, you should check out yoga classes in Arlington. Yoga is a great way to combine stretching and training. Increasing muscle strength and flexibility all in one, this type of workout will do wonders for your sore body. We suggest swapping out one of your workouts for a yoga class, especially if you find that you are too sore to engage in your usual training session.

#4 Drink a lot of water
Water is the natural healer and helper for most everything ailment we feel in life. Keeping your muscles hydrated will help prevent soreness as well as treat it.

#5 Make sure to get your protein in
We are sure that by now you know the best way to aid your muscles in strength and tone training is to get enough protein into your diet, but did you know this can also help you prevent soreness? After a workout, try having a high protein snack (combined with a few healthy carbs) to help prevent your muscles from becoming too sore.

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