What to Know About National Hydration Day

Keeping your body healthy should be a priority for everyone. After all, you only get one body, so you better take care of it. Staying healthy isn’t as cut and dry as some might think. Your body is complex, and each person is different. Listen to what your body is telling you and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. There are multiple ways that everyone can keep themselves healthy, however. Whether with lifting weights, running, or another form of exercise, staying active helps your body function at its peak. Eating a nutritious diet is also vital for your health. Furthermore, staying adequately hydrated is crucial to keep your body healthy.

While it may seem obvious, many people fail to drink the amount of water they need to keep them hydrated. Staying hydrated is vital, but many often overlook it. By doing so, you put your body at risk of suffering from severe health conditions. To spread awareness about the importance of hydration and the dangers of dehydration, the United States celebrates National Hydration Day on June 23 each year!

Whether you are getting a good workout in at the gym or just going about your day, you should always be replenishing your fluids by drinking water. As a fitness center, Fitness Nation understands the importance of hydration, which is why we will be celebrating National Hydration Day on June 23. We encourage you to join us, as well.

The History of National Hydration Day

National Hydration Day was established in honor of late football coach, Victor Hawkins. Hawkins was a high school football coach, who began to worry about his players. He started noticing that many of them were missing practice time and suffering injuries due to the side effects of dehydration. To keep his players hydrated and on the field, he began looking for a solution.

Eventually, Hawkins came up with a mouthguard that incorporated electrolytes, calling the invention FuelGard. The mouthguard would release electrolytes into the athletes’ mouth, keeping them hydrated during games and practice. Hawkins partnered with SafeTGard to bring FuelGard to athletes everywhere. Unfortunately, Hawkins passed away in 2012. To honor Hawkins’ legacy, SafeTGard Corporation established National Hydration Day to boost awareness of the importance of hydration not only for athletes but for everyone.

Hydration Facts

Drinking plenty of water should be incorporated into everyone’s life, but people often fail to do this. It’s unfortunate because water is such an integral part of all life, not just human life. Over 70% of the Earth is covered in water. Even the human body is mostly made of water, making up over 60% of the human body. Some organs are mostly water, as well. Both the brain and the heart are roughly 73% water. The lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water. 79% of your muscles and kidneys are water. Even your bones are partially made of water, containing about 31%. As you can see, your body needs water to function at a high level.

To have a better idea about the importance of National Hydration Day, we have provided some important facts:

  • Water plays a role in digestion. As we mentioned earlier, much of your body is made of water, so staying hydrated helps your body digest food better.
  • Water helps regulate body temperature, so staying hydrated on hot days protects your body.
  • About 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration.
  • Dehydration can lead to reduced kidney function, kidney stones, hypertension, urinary tract infections, and more.
  • Chronic dehydration was a factor in 20% of cases that lead to kidney stones.
  • Dehydration causes fatigue. It can also reduce mental focus, memory, mood, and reaction time.
  • Your physical performance reduces by nearly 3% due to performing while dehydrated.
  • Water is a key component of blood. When you are dehydrated, your blood pressure decreases, heart rate rises, and the blood flow to your arteries reduces.
  • Severe dehydration sets in when about 10% of their total weight to water loss.

Symptoms of Dehydration

  • Dry mouth
  • Extreme thirst
  • Less frequent urination
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced mental focus, memory, and reaction time
  • Confusion
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Muscle cramps

Symptoms of severe dehydration include:

  • Not peeing or having very dark yellow or even brown urine
  • Very dry skin, cracking skin
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sunken eyes
  • Lack of energy
  • Sleepiness
  • Fainting

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should replenish your fluids immediately. However, if you experience severe symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away.

How to Celebrate

Drinking plenty of water does countless things for your body. Without it, your body would not be able to function properly. Dehydration will set it, causing severe health issues, potentially leading to death. National Hydration Day exists to promote the importance of hydration and the dangers of dehydration. You can celebrate this day and honor Coach Hawkins in various ways this June 23.

  • Drink Water. Who saw this one coming? Yes, the best way to celebrate this holiday is by drinking water. However, don’t just make it a one-day thing. Make lifestyle changes that include drinking less sugary drinks and drinking more water. Many experts recommend drinking two liters a day or eight 8-oz glasses. Use a bottle with measurements to help track your intake.
  • Share Information. Staying hydrated is crucial, and dehydration is dangerous. By sharing information, you can help them realize the importance of drinking water and help them make vital lifestyle changes.
  • Eat Water-Rich Food. You don’t just have to drink water to stay hydrated. Countless foods are full of water. Watermelon is 92% water, hence the name! Cucumber is 95% water, celery is 95%, and strawberries are 91%. There are plenty of fruits and veggies that can help you stay hydrated.
  • Listen to Your Body. As we said earlier, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Many of them do not even realize they are. There are many signs that your body needs water, such as thirst. Listen to your body and keep it hydrated.

Here at Fitness Nation, we understand the importance of drinking water to prevent dehydration, keeping your body healthy. National Hydration Day exists to spread awareness about the importance of hydration and the dangers of dehydration. Join Fitness Nation on June 23 to celebrate National Hydration Day.