Surprising Benefits of Working Out Once the Sun Has Set

Last month we discussed the many benefits of getting up and at ‘em and heading to the gym in the morning, but what about our night owl friends? While there are undeniable advantages to getting in the routine of working out in the wee hours of the morning, this is not to say that those who prefer an evening gym session are in the wrong. For those who don’t have the option of working out in the morning or midday, an evening workout may be the only answer. As humans, we are all very different and it takes weeks, months, or even years to figure out what works best for our bodies when it comes to an exercise routine.

When it comes to working out once the sun has set, there are a few things to keep in mind. Studies indicate that certain exercises or routines can actually stimulate our system, making it difficult to wind down and get a good night’s sleep. However, if this is your only option and if you are already somewhat of a night owl, this shouldn’t dissuade you from hitting the gym after work or the kids have gone to bed. Even though the odds may be against you (research shows that evening exercises are less likely to stick to a workout routine) it doesn’t mean that an evening workout isn’t just what the doctor ordered. In today’s society, many people opt to ‘wind down’ from the day by binging on Netflix or prime time TV for hours on end. However, watching TV at night can actually be quite harmful to your sleep cycle.

So, we encourage you to step outside of your routine and trade in that tempting episode of the Bachelorette for a yoga class or 45-minute cardio workout. You’ll never find out the benefits of doing so unless you try! With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the top – and perhaps surprising – benefits of working out in the evening:

  • You’ll have the gym all to yourself. One of the perks of working out in the evening is that you won’t have to fight the crowds for a treadmill. The majority of diehard exercisers are morning people, not night owls. Once you’ve hit the gym for a nighttime workout, you may be turned forever, as the notion of an empty gym, solo workout, and abundance of free machines is incredibly enticing.
  • There are fewer rules. You’ve likely noticed that there are some ‘rules’ when it comes to working out during peak times, such as time constraints on certain machines. In the evening, these rules no longer matter, as there are plenty of machines for the picking.
  • You will receive personalized attention. If you are thinking about attending an evening yoga, Pilates, or Body Sculpt class, to name a few, you are in luck. In many cases, evening group classes are not nearly as jam packed as those in the wee hours of the day, which means more personalized instruction for you.
  • Your mornings will be less stressful. Finally, opting for the gym instead of your local watering hole for happy hour after work means your mornings are for relaxing and preparing for the day, not breaking a sweat. Whether you decide to catch an extra hour of shuteye or spend your morning ready the paper on your back patio, this time is for you.

As a 24-hour luxury gym, we believe in catering to people of all different workout habits. If you are in the mood for a midnight treadmill session or want to attend an evening flow yoga class before heading home, you’ve come to the right place. To learn more about our Arlington and Bedford gym class offerings, please contact Fitness Nation today.