Outdoor-Oriented Trails to Run

Going to the gym is a great thing to do on your own or with a partner but to change it up a bit, outdoor activities are great as well. After your workout at Arlington’s Fitness Nation, you should make it a point to stop by a few of the best parks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When you work out so much, it’s important to take some time to relax and enjoy some of the easy and fun trails that Texas has to offer. We will mention a few of the more popular trails in the nearby area.

Katy Trail in Dallas

Katy Trail is a great selection for runners who like urban locations. Urban runs are great for parkour, obstacles, and free running. Katy trail is also known for its high volume of runners, so you know that you’re running in a safe environment. Katy trail is so popular that over half of the runners polled nominate Katy trail as their favorite trail to run on because of its separate paths for bikers, skaters and runners.

Grapevine Lake in Grapevine

If you want to try your hand at off-road running and hit a trail that is known for its scenic route, Grapevine Lake in Grapevine is an excellent choice for both beginners and super runners. It has two marked trails, both starting at the running clubhouse, which has a small entry fee of $3 per car Monday-Thursday and $5 per car Friday-Sunday. The fee is well worth the fun and enjoyment. Runners claim that two miles on the trail goes by as quickly as one mile on the road because runners are focusing mostly on footwork and placement.

White Rock Lake in Dallas

White Rock Lake is easily the most populous running location amongst all locations. You never run alone, no matter what time of day you are running and there are some of the most social runners there. Be prepared to meet and greet anytime you’re running at White Rock Lake in Dallas, because this one is for the social crowd!

River Legacy Trail in Arlington

Arlington is a very environmentally friendly city within Texas, and River Legacy is no exception to the rule. River Legacy, being stationed next to the Arlington Environmental Lab on Cooper and Green Oaks is a testament to how clean a city can get. Landfills occupy the surrounding land and the Trinity River cuts directly through the park, giving its runners the feeling of nature and cleanliness. River Legacy Park is also great for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. There are a few small natural predators and snakes, so caution must be taken anytime you are on the trail to avoid minor injury. The trail can be rough sometimes, but luckily for cyclists and runners, there is a paved 12-mile trail that cuts through the thicket. Another great fact is that since your gym is only two and a half miles away, you can get your workout in and go running on the trail right afterwards.

Whether you enjoy cycling or running, canoeing or kayaking, there is a park in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for you. There are trails for skill level of all types, and great people to go running with. If you don’t already have a membership at Fitness Nation, you should grab one right now to take advantage of all these natural parks nearby. Contact us for information on memberships.