How to Get That Summer Body

Spring has officially started which means summer is only a few short months away. If you are like us, you probably gained a few extra pounds during the winter months. This is natural and typical for most people due to the nature of the cold weather and what it permits us to do. With warmer weather on the horizon, your body will naturally be ready to part ways with some of the extra fat you gained, but it can’t do it all on its own. The summer months are when many of us want to look our bests. The hot temperatures call for fewer layers of clothing, highlighting our figures much more than chillier months did. As expected, you want to look your best in a bathing suit, but this change doesn’t happen overnight. Here are a few tips that can help you gain and maintain your summer body:

Eat Right

Yes, exercising and working out are integral parts of losing weight and gaining that summer body you crave, but it won’t do it alone. They say that abs aren’t made in the gym but in the kitchen, and they’re right. Fad diets that promise results in short periods of time may help you shed a few pounds, but they do not maintain that look you want. Your diet should become a part of your lifestyle. You should include lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. The Harvard School of Public Health states that the average person should eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, equaling to 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables.

Your body also needs the right amount of healthy protein, fats, and good carbohydrates. Fast foods should be avoided at all times. They contain unnecessary amounts of trans fats and added sugars that will hinder you from gaining the body you want. Instead, opt for lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish. Substitute desserts with a fruit bowl. Maintaining a proper healthy diet takes work and discipline, but the outcome is worth it.

Drink Right

Consuming the appropriate beverages also helps you with shredding that extra fat away. It is crucial to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the day. Start with drinking at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day. Water is crucial to keeping your body hydrated. This also means avoid drinking beverages that are high in sugar content like sodas. Avoiding fast food places can not only help you avoid unwanted foods but unhealthy beverages as well.

Summertime is used by plenty to spend their time outside with friends and family, having a good time and enjoying adult beverages. However, it is important to limit how much alcohol you actually consume and what kind of alcohol in order to get and maintain that summer body. Beer may be refreshing in the heat, but it is full of empty calories which are detrimental to your health. Many liquors like whiskey and rum are also high in sugar content so maybe opt for light liquors like gin and vodka to stay as healthy as possible while enjoying the summertime.


Humans are not meant to be still in one place for too long, so it is crucial for you to get up and get moving. There are so many different forms of exercise for you to choose from that best fit your lifestyle from hiking, running, walking, swimming and going to the gym for some resistance training. At many gyms like our fitness gyms in Arlington and Bedford, offer their visitors the option for most of these choices. Multi-joint and combination exercises are great at burning fat. For example, after finishing a set of squats transition to a set of leg press to keep you moving, allowing you to use more of your body at once. It’s much better than doing one workout and resting for long periods of time. Interval training is great for shedding extra fat during the summer months.

Get Proper Rest

No matter what your daily life is like, your body will always need proper rest. You need to make it a priority to give yourself an appropriate amount of sleep every night. With daylight saving, the daylight lasts much longer, and it’s easy to feel obliged to take advantage of all this extra time. However, it is important not to neglect the rest your body needs. Sleep depriving your body forces it to seek energy elsewhere which can lead you to eat more food than you should. Even if you work out, it is important to take rest days to allow your body the time to recuperate, strengthen, and rest.

Summertime is full of a plethora of opportunities to have fun and be active. With an extra hour of daylight, the chances for you to get out and enjoy the warm weather are almost endless. You want to look your best during this time, too, and that is only understandable. It’s important to not just follow trends but overhaul your lifestyle choices to earn and maintain that ideal summer body. The fitness gyms of Fitness Nation in Arlington and Bedford are designed to help you work towards and keep your preferred body.