How to avoid holiday weight gain?

The holidays are finally here, and it’s our favorite time of year. And that means more family, friends, cheer, laughter, gifts, decorations, wine, and food. Ah, holiday food… It’s our best friend, and also sometimes our worst enemy. The family bringing multiple pies and goodies, and the meals are supersized from our normal daily intake. Many of us just accept the fact that sweaters aren’t the only extra layers we will be wearing this season, but unfortunately, a little bit of holiday weight gain as well. So, the question is, with all of this holiday cheer (and grub) how can we avoid the holiday weight gain? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to give you a few tips in order to help make sure you only put on layers of wool this holiday season.

#1 Be aware of what you put in your mouth

One of the biggest snacking dangers in the holiday season is that we snack to the point where we don’t even realize how much food we are consuming. Even though it is difficult with all the conversation, cheer, and fun around you, try and be aware of what you eat and how much. This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy the goodies, it just means, don’t get too distracted while snacking to look down to see you have devoured a whole tray of treats. Be conscious of how much you are eating not just in terms of snacking, but in portion sizes as well.

#2 Be active with your family and friends

One of the problems with the holiday season, is we have a tendency to lounge around a lot, and this lounging around combined with all the yummy holiday treats is what can lead to unwanted weight gain. While spending time with your family, make an effort to go on a family jog, or even just a family walk. Throw the football around in the front yard, or even play a game of tag with the kids. Just try and make it a goal to stay active, which you can even make into a fun activity with your family and friends! And if no one is up for the activity, you can always head over to your Arlington gym with your cousin Bobby to get in a quick workout session.

#3 Don’t make excuses

We know you don’t want to hear it, but one of the biggest reasons the holidays lead to weight gain is because people make excuses for their negligent behavior. From the, “Oh, it’s okay if I have another slice of pie, it’s the holidays!” or, “Oh, well it’s okay if I skip the gym today, my family is in town!” These excuses are your enemy and over time will lead to that unwanted holiday weight gain.

If you are trying to stay in shape this holiday season, you may be looking for a 24 hour workout facility near you. If so, here at Fitness Nation, our Arlington gym has a team of passionate fitness experts that are happy to help you stay motivated this winter. Contact us, or come on by today, and let us help you keep your promise to avoid that holiday weight gain this season.