The Top Health Benefits of a Sauna

Chances are you have heard how wonderful sitting in a sauna can be for your skin, but did you know there are actually a host of other benefits – both internal and external? Dry heat and infrared saunas, in particular, work to remove toxins, treat congestive heart failure and many other cardiovascular conditions, and keep the body clean and fresh. It is true that saunas can be dangerous if you do not use them correctly, which is why it is important to take the time to educate yourself about their many advantages as well as how to use them to your benefit. The origin of the sauna is attributed to Europe, however, sauna culture has spread all over the world in modern times. This is due in large part to the recognition of health benefits offered by a good sauna session. Whether you are already a sauna fan or are thinking about trying one out, be sure and check out Fitness Nation’s all-wood sauna at our Arlington or Bedford luxury gym. It is our goal to provide each and every one of our customers with a wide range of equipment and amenities in order to make their gym-going experience an excellent one.

In order to give you a better idea of why you should consider checking out Fitness Nation’s sauna, let’s take a look at a handful of the top health benefits of using a sauna:

Why Use a Sauna?

Many people do not realize this, but spending just a few minutes each day in a sauna is all it takes to feel and look better. The human body responds well to gentle, persistent heat, something that is evident in how popular sauna use is around the globe. In the most basic sense, saunas are small rooms designed for having heat sessions, which may be dry or wet. Let’s now take a look at some of the top benefits of a sauna:

  • Saunas flush out toxins

One of the number one ways that the body removes toxins from the body is through sweat. In fact, sweating is a wonderful way to remove toxins that the body may have absorbed over time. Spending a few minutes or more in a sauna each day expedites this process, helping the body naturally rid itself of unwanted toxins.

  • Saunas encourage weight loss

If you are looking to get healthy and lose a little weight this year, it may be in your best interest to integrate sauna use into your regular gym routine. As mentioned in the above point, sitting in a sauna leads to sweating, which is one way to shed a few pounds. Scientific research indicates that spending 20 minutes in a sauna at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit can burn more than 500 calories. Please remember that sauna use is not to be abused and can be quite dangerous if you spend too much time in the heat.

  • Saunas help boost the immune system

Yet another relatively unknown fact about saunas is that they help boost the immune system. Short sauna sessions actually help produce white blood cells, which are one of the body’s top mechanisms for warding off infections and other serious ailments.

  • Saunas are a great post-workout routine

There is a reason why you find saunas in gyms such as Fitness Nation. Research indicates that saunas are actually a great – and effective – way to help the body recover from an intense workout. Saunas work by increasing the blood flow to tired and strained muscles, helping them recover much quicker and easier.

To learn more about Fitness Nation’s all-wood sauna or to check out what other amenities we offer, please do not hesitate to come visit our Arlington or Bedford 24-hour luxury gym.