Why Group Exercise Classes Are the Way to Go

Whether you are kicking your fitness into high gear as we prepare for winter or are simply looking for a new – and effective – way to get fit, group exercise classes are a wonderful option. Let’s face it – not everyone actually enjoys working out, but it is a necessary part of life if you want to stay healthy for the foreseeable future. In recent years, we have witnessed a trend in group fitness classes. From yoga and Pilates to spin classes and BodyPump, our luxury Arlington and Bedford fitness gyms have something for everyone. We think it is important to have a wide range of options when it comes to group gym classes, giving people the opportunity to change up their fitness routine from time to time. With all the different options you will find at Fitness Nation, you won’t have to worry about there not being a class that fits your particular fitness level or interests. Are you into dancing? Try our Zumba class! Looking for a challenge? We offer Boot Camp, Body Attack, and kickboxing classes, all of which will get your butt in shape in no time.

We also need to point out that the benefits of taking a group fitness class go far beyond the obvious reasons. Sure, you will be working towards your goal of improving your health while having fun at the same time, but there are a handful of additional reasons why group exercise classes are definitely the way to go. Let’s look some of these benefits right now:

  • You will be more motivated to show up, time and time again. One of the main benefits to participating in group exercise classes is that you are more accountable than you are for a solo workout. Even if you don’t necessarily know everyone in your class, there is a sense of camaraderie and accountability that comes with group classes. If you start to make it a regular thing, it is likely that the others in your class, not to mention your instructor, will notice when you are absent, which is enough to motivate anyone!
  • Time will fly by. When working out on the treadmill or elliptical machine on your own, it is easy to get distracted and stare at the clock, just hoping and praying that your 30 minutes are finally up. When you go to a group exercise class, the pace of the class is much faster and you are far more likely to actually have fun!
  • You will be challenged to go the extra mile. Another great bonus to group exercise classes is that you will be pushed to go further than you ever would on your own. With an instructor leading the class, they will push you to keep going, even when you think you can’t possibly hold a pose any longer.
  • You will stay safe. Instructor-led classes are a wonderful way to make sure you are actually doing certain poses and exercises properly. When beginning a new or different fitness routine, it is imperative that you stay safe and learn how to do everything the right way. The group exercise teachers at Fitness Nation are all certified and will be able to help explain what the pose should look like, while also correcting you should you be doing something unsafe.

Group exercise classes are a fantastic option for people of all different fitness levels and interests. Whether you are just getting into working out or are looking for something new, the classes offered through Fitness Nation are sure to meet your needs. Be sure and check out our class offerings and don’t be afraid to call us with any questions!