Fun Couples Exercises for Valentine’s Day

As we move further along into 2020, we inch closer and closer to the extremely popular Valentine’s Day. This holiday is synonymous with romance and celebrating the love felt between two individuals. People give each other roses and chocolates, share glasses of wine or champagne, and eat extravagantly cooked meals. Love letters are shared, and gifts are given. It’s a day for indulging in not only love but delicious foods and drinks.

However, there are other ways you and your significant other can celebrate this romantic holiday. When 2020 started, you and your partner may have both made New Year’s Resolutions to work out more, eat better, and lose weight. Just because you made these resolutions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day! After all, splurging on a romantic night out won’t hurt.

Although, you can add to the romance while sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions and fitness journeys by engaging in some fun couples exercises! There are countless opportunities for you and your loved one to stay committed to your goals while still spending Valentine’s Day together. Furthermore, studies have shown that after completing a physical activity with one another, couples report feeling happier in their relationships and more in love with their partner.

Fitness Nation is here to provide you and your significant other with some fun couples exercises you can try out this Valentine’s Day! After all, couples that workout together, stay together.

Passing Sprints

Maybe you and your partner are more into cardio instead of weightlifting. Cardio does burn more calories during your cardio session than lifting weights, so it is beneficial. You can go on a long jog to start your Valentine’s Day. In some areas of the country, there are even Valentine’s Day 5Ks you can participate in.

However, if you would rather just stick to your normal run and jogs, consider implementing passing sprints. Break up your daily leisurely jog with the occasional passing sprint. This involves one person sprinting ahead of the other, who then sprints to catch up to their partner.

Plank Pull

All you need for this couples exercise is you, your partner, and a hand towel. Both of you will start in the plank position. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists with your arms straight and your core tight and activated. Both of you will then grab ahold of opposite ends of the hand towel, starting with your right hands. You will then pull the towel towards yourself while your partner does the same, creating resistance. Once you’ve completed the exercise using your right arms, complete it again using your left.

Wheelbarrow Squats

For this exercise, one of you will begin in a push-up position. The other partner will stand behind them between the first partner’s legs, holding their ankles. The partner in the push-up position will then activate their core and perform a push-up. While they are doing a push-up, the partner holding the ankles will then drop down into a squat. Both people should keep their backs straight throughout the process. Do between 20-25 reps and then switch positions.

Squatted Ball Pass

This exercise involves your core and lower body. To begin, you and your partner should stand back-to-back with just a little bit of space between you. You will need a medicine ball at a weight that works for both of you. Next, you will need to get into a squatting position. You will then take the medicine ball and twist to pass the ball to your partner. Everything waist down should remain facing forward as perform the exercise. Try to develop a rhythm as you pass the ball, so you can meet your partner on the opposite side as they pass it back to you. If squatting gets too hard, you can do the exercise standing. Do this for 30 seconds, then take a quick rest before you do another round.

Leg Push

One partner will start on the ground, while the other will stand with their feet by their partner’s head. The person laying on the ground will then grab the standing partner’s ankles for support. Next, the laying individual will then bring their legs up to their partner, while keeping them straight, who then pushes them back down. The goal of this exercise is to not let your feet touch the ground. After they are pushed, bring them back up. Continue this for 30 seconds, then switch positions.

You can also do this while doing hanging leg raises. When you lift your legs, your partner will push them back down.

Plank & Sit-up

This is another workout that involves a plank. One person will get in a sit-up position, laying on their back with their knees up and together. The other person will then grab their partner’s feet to hold them in place and get into a plank with their arms straight. They will then hold their plank for 30 seconds while their partner continues to do sit-ups. Switch after 30 seconds.

To fit the romantic mood of the holiday, you can add a cheeky kiss at the top of each sit up.

Squat Press

This is one of the more difficult couples exercises. For the squat press, you should get in the same position as you did in the squatted ball pass, standing back to back with space in between you. There should be enough space between the two of you so that only your butts will touch when you squat. To start, you will be holding a weight in both of your hands. You will squat at the same time, and once you reach the bottom of your squat, you must pass the weight between your legs to your partner. You will both drive back up to standing. The partner who just received the weight will then press it over their head and pass it back to you. You will do this for 20 reps then switch positions.

As we have stated before, couples that workout together, stay together. If you and your significant other have both committed to being more active this year, celebrate Valentine’s Day with these couples exercises. If these aren’t your cup of tea, consider joining a class each of you enjoys. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Fitness Nation is here to help.