U-Jam Fitness

About The Class

One of the newest fitness classes to hit our area is U-Jam Fitness, a high-energy fitness class that keeps students moving and grooving throughout the duration of the class. How is this different than other dance-inspired fitness classes, you ask? For one, U-Jam takes its inspiration from various styles and genres of music from around the world, mixing them with an urban, hip-hop flare. This energetic dance-fitness routine is both unique and inspiring to students from all walks of life. While many have compared U-Jam to Zumba, the dances performed, music used, and choreography are quite different.

One thing is for certain – U-Jam is a workout that will leave you sweaty, and with a smile on your face. U-Jam, or United We Jam, was first introduced in California in 2010 and focused on urban beats. One of the things people like most about this innovative group dance class is how different it is. For those who love hip-hop and breakdancing, you will find a feeling of comfort and familiarity in our U-Jam classes. But for students who are new to this type of music and/or dance style, you are sure to leave inspired and excited for the next class. U-Jam is not just about fancy footwork, but gets the arms and whole body involved as well, leaving students with a motivational full-body workout.


Benefits of U-Jam Fitness

One of the number one benefits of attending a U-Jam class at either or Arlington or Bedford locations is how you will feel the moment you walk into the classroom. Students and the instructor are happy, energetic, and ready to get to work. We often hear first-timers talk about what a feeling of community and camaraderie they get from our U-Jam classes. Compared to any other group fitness classes, U-Jam truly feels like a party. We teach you the basics and walk students through a choreographed dance, incorporating various elements from different styles of global music. This is a fun, non-judgmental group exercise class that will inspire you to come back for more, week after week!

In order to ensure you are prepared for our U-Jam classes, keep the following in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move around unrestricted
  • Wear appropriate athletic shoes
  • Grows your social circle
  • Bring water
  • Bring a towel
  • Do NOT wear jeans
  • Do NOT wear sandals, flip flops, hiking shoes, ballet shoes, or flats

If you have any questions about our U-Jam fitness dance classes or would like to discuss what you can expect with one our Arlington instructors, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Fitness Nation.