Strength and Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning is a military inspired workout, which has the ability to burn an unmeasurable amount of calories. The workout is fundamentally based on station training, muscle endurance, improving cardiovascular health, muscle toning and abs. The workout is much more vigorous than other standard fitness classes but also much more enjoyable. Strength and Conditioning places body weight exercises such as push ups, squats, jumping jacks and circuits together. These exercises are also all distinct from one another. Time is limited in order to minimize break time and keep the heart rates soaring.  The target of this workout is to utilize every major muscle in your body in order to create your body into a resistance machine. The exercises are stringently timed by the instructor to help maintain everyone involved and to achieve goals. The duration of the activity is designed to be successful in a group fitting environment which keeps partakers motivated. An exciting benefit is to meet people who have the same interests as you like targeting all the major muscles. To be physically fit is one plus but to know you’re toning your entire body, burning countless calories and improving your internal body organ health is Strength and Conditionings forte.