About the class

Here at Fitness Nation, our fun and energizing kickboxing classes are part of our overall fitness program. We are strong proponents for fitness kickboxing as a total body workout, stress reliever, and confidence booster. Our high-energy kickboxing classes are designed to give you an intense cardio workout while incorporating strength and plyometric exercises. We of course also integrate exercises and combinations on the heavy bag that is a common element of kickboxing. As a luxury gym in Arlington, we are committed to helping each and every one of our members achieve their fitness goals through a fun workout that also incorporates elements of self-defense. Our kickboxing classes are characterized by a combination of high-energy cardio kickboxing, intense fat-burning sessions, core conditioning, and toning exercises that are in place to help tighten, tone, and firm your whole body. Here at Fitness Nation, our highly-trained instructors will work hard to help you change your body and life through a well-rounded kickboxing class. We have come up with the perfectly woven combination of kickboxing and other useful exercises to help you get rid of body fat and sculpt and firm your thighs, glutes, and other body parts. If you are looking for a workout that will give you results and FAST, kickboxing is your answer.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Adding kickboxing classes to your weekly or monthly workout gives you a new and dynamic twist to your fitness and health goals. Kickboxing classes are fun, energetic, and provide some relief from the same old workout over and over again. Kickboxing is an intense and sweaty workout that will leave you with the kind of aches you’ll love. One of the top benefits of taking a kickboxing class at our Arlington gym is the high-level of transformation this type of workout provides. Kickboxing will increase your endurance and give you a wonderful workout that is outside the box of what you normally do. Combining the proven science of high intensity interval training with super-fast kickboxing drills with an energetic trainer, kickboxing is a strategic workout that you will never get bored with. Other benefits of kickboxing include the following:

  • Tone your arms in only 8 weeks
  • Provide you with leaner thighs and firm butt
  • Flatten your waistline and strengthen your core
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Help you drop stubborn belly fat

What to Expect, Wear, and Bring

Whether you are attending your first Arlington kickboxing class or have been in the past, there are a handful of things you should be aware of before you go. It is very important that you know what to expect before attending a kickboxing class at Fitness Nation. Having a good understanding of what a kickboxing class entails as well as what footwear and outerwear you should bring will help you have an enjoyable, positive experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before attending a kickboxing class at Fitness Nation:

  • Bring water!
  • Wear shorts, sweatpants, or tops that are loose enough to be comfortable without being restrictive
    • Consult with your kickboxing instructor before class to make sure you have the right clothes
  • Wear either comfortable cross-trainers or other exercise shoes at the very least
    • It may be a good idea to invest in a pair of kickboxing shoes with split toes, depending on the class
    • Contact Fitness Nation for more information on footwear

Here at Fitness Nation, our kickboxing classes are designed to provide gym members with a fun, energetic, and motivational workout. If you have any questions about our class offerings, what to expect, or what to wear, please feel free to give us a call.