About the class

The latest group exercise class taking the nation by storm is Insanity, and for good reason. Credited with reinventing the way people look at fitness workouts and exercise overall, the Insanity program will help get you in shape before you even know it. Designed with the intention of getting people in shape in a matter of weeks, the Insanity workout has a ton of additional benefits that are just a few of the reasons why it has become so popular. Considered a ‘revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program’, Insanity takes working out to an entirely new level. Through the use of interval training, Insanity helps burn calories quicker, leaving the gym-goer with faster results and a more efficient metabolism. Perhaps the best cardio group exercise class out there today, Fitness Nation’s Insanity class is just what you’ve been waiting for.

As mentioned, Insanity is an interval training group exercise class that requires no equipment, making it accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. This innovative training program provides class members with the opportunity to engage in a challenging class in which exercises are done to energetic, well-timed music. While Insanity can be done individually, participating in the group class at either our Arlington or Bedford luxury gym will enable you to get in an excellent workout in a safe, challenging, and effective environment.

Benefits of Insanity

An equipment-free workout, the only thing that Insanity classes require is the motivation and commitment to stick with it. In addition to being an incredibly effective cardio workout, this program offers the following benefits:

  • No worry of boredom
    Let’s face it, engaging in the same workout routine day after day gets boring. In order to avoid gym burnout, why not try Insanity? The class will change from week to week and you won’t have to worry about seeing the same repetitions that are typical of other fitness exercises.
  • It is an intense workout
    The Insanity workout is designed to get your blood flowing and keep you energized all day long. Differing from other group exercise classes, this program will help you get in excellent shape, and stay that way.
  • Get results quickly
    Sure, most fitness programs claim they will help you get in good shape faster than the rest, but this is actually the truth when talking about Insanity. Because of the use of intervals, Insanity will enable you to attain the best results, and fast.

Benefits of Insanity

If you’ve never been to an Insanity class before, be prepared to sweat. Set to high energy music and led by a motivating instructor, you certainly won’t be looking at the clock during this class. People of all different levels are welcome at both our Arlington and Bedford Insanity classes, and our instructors will provide a variety of modifications for all fitness levels.

We suggest you bring water and wear comfortable workout shoes as well as appropriate gym attire. Please, no jeans or open-toed shoes! If you have any additional questions about our Insanity classes, please feel free to contact us.