Body Sculpt

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Body sculpt is a unique workout which combines flexibility along with cardiovascular training. The main aim of the work out is to shape and tone your muscles without significantly increasing muscle size or bulk.

This program is highly recommended for people who are interested in losing weight or toning their muscles to look leaner. Muscle retention and boosting your metabolism through this workout will enable you to see results three times faster than weights. The reason behind this is that weights can cause muscles to stress excessively and instead of getting toned, muscles tend to get bigger.

Body sculpting is known to prevent osteoporosis. Also known as the “silent disease”, osteoporosis makes joints and bones weaker. This disease is widespread and commonly found in women. Regular exercise through body sculpt can greatly help avoid this disease and stimulate bone-building cells.

Toned muscles along with a considerable amount of calorie burn is far more appealing than many standard exercises like stair climbing etc. For a healthy heart and lungs join our body sculpt classes. With proper form techniques and training with light free weights, it can help you achieve your physical goals.