Everything you need to know about Spinning

Spinning is a kind of indoor cycling that is taught by instructors who are certified to conduct these classes. Spinning classes usually last between 40 to 60 minutes and is mainly a cardio workout performed on special bikes. A typical Spinning workout will have energizing music, an instructor who guides you through the workout by giving out instructions and a stationary bike on which you will be working out on. The pace and speed at which you are supposed to pedal will change throughout the workout, challenging your body to keep up and work harder, however the workout can be adjusted to your fitness level wherever you feel. In many Spinning classes, instructors will give out alternative instructions to people with different fitness levels.

Spinning might seem like it’s just working your leg muscles, but the truth is the exercises are aimed toward a full body workout. Your upper body will do most of the work, but when you lift your glutes off the saddle, you’ll be working your arms and back pretty vigorously to support your body weight and keep pedaling.

Cycling might intimidate some people, but the great thing about the Spinning class is that you are in charge of the bike; if you feel like you cannot pedal harder, you can slow down, turn down the resistance and then join in when you feel up to it. Many instructors actually encourage participants to do as much as their body allows them to and take breaks in the middle if their muscles give up. It is a work out which is pretty customizable to your fitness level. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you go to Spinning Class.

Spinning Class Essentials

  1. Clothing – Wearing baggy clothes to Spinning class can come in the way of your work out if it keeps getting caught in the cycle. Try to wear clothes that are as close to your body as possible. The kind of shoes you wear is also important as your feet are constantly pedaling. Flat-soled work out shoes that can get attached to the pedal are a good investment for those who wish to continue to attend Spinning class for long term. Padded cycling shorts are also available at sports stores for those who cannot deal with the sore behind after every class.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated – A full body workout on the cycle can make you sweat a lot and make the surroundings quite warm. Keep an easily accessible water bottle and a towel at hand throughout the class.
  3. Communicate with your instructor – Spinning class is a fast paced workout, which means that sometimes you can find yourself lost (especially if you are a beginner). It is a great idea to arrive a little before class and talk to your instructor about any problems you’re having or how much you’re enjoying the class. Instructors are a great learning resource and can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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