Everyday Activities to Help You Stay Healthy

People all across the world are always looking for a way to get active and stay healthy. People often work out at a gym to do so. However, gyms aren’t available all the time. At the time of this writing, the world is faced with a dangerous COVID-19 outbreak that threatens the lives of millions. To slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, governments across the globe have issued stay-at-home orders, which saw gyms across the country temporarily close.

With gyms closed, people have been looking for ways to stay active and keep themselves healthy. There are many home exercises one can do to stay active while self-isolating. However, you don’t have to exercise to keep yourself active and healthy. There are plenty of everyday activities that you can do, or might already do, that help you stay fit.

Fitness Nation understands how frustrating it is to go without the gym for so long. Exercising is part of many people’s daily routines. However, you can exercise and get active all from the comfort of your home. Outside of at-home workouts, several everyday activities have proven to burn calories and help you stay healthy. Even once we have gotten through this COVID-19 pandemic, you can continue these everyday activities.

Take the Stairs 

Even though you are expected to remain in your home during this period of self-isolation, when you do exit your home for essential errands or business, try to take the stairs whenever possible. Whether you are going to the office, leaving your apartment, or going for a walk, go out of your way to take the stairs. Stair climbing is a low-impact workout, so the threat to your joints and the threat of injury is low.

Park at the Back of the Parking Lot

Whenever you leave the house to go to the grocery store, mall, or movie theater, park your car at the back of the parking lot. While it may seem like an inconvenience, it gives you a chance to add more steps to your day. If you consistently do this, you can make a significant difference over time.

Get a Pet 

Pets, especially dogs, require a lot of hard work and attention. Pets need exercise just as much as humans do, which requires you to take them on walks and play with them. Walking your dog lets you exercise, get out in the sun, and socialize. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regularly walking and playing with your pets decreases your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. It also helps decrease feelings of loneliness and improves your mental health. You can play with your pet at all times, regardless of quarantine or not.

Clean Your House 

There are several reasons why you should thoroughly clean your house. The most obvious is that no one wants to live in a dirty home. However, did you know that house cleaning is an effective way to stay active and healthy? Doing chores helps burn calories and targets a variety of muscle groups. A 150-pound person can burn as much as 99 calories while doing 30 minutes of house cleaning.


Cooking has multiple benefits, many of which are known and many that aren’t. Eating a home-cooked meal is much healthier for you than going out to eat at a fast-food restaurant or even a dine-in restaurant. A 2014 study found that people who regularly eat meals cooked at home consume roughly 130 fewer calories a day that those who don’t. Additionally, cooking can burn up to 150 calories an hour, which means you can burn nearly half the calories you eat by cooking at home. Not only does cooking at home help you consume fewer calories, but it helps you burn calories, as well.


For those that live in a house with a yard, yard work should be a regular part of your chores. From mowing the yard and weed eating to planting flowers and other produce, you can use yard work as a way to stay active and healthy. Mowing your lawn can burn up to 350 calories an hour, while gardening, pulling weeds, and planting flowers can burn as much as 400 calories an hour. If you are growing your own produce, this will also help you eat better, as well!

Sit Less 

With many stay-at-home orders still in effect, people are spending more time at home than they are used to. Because of this, they are sedentary more. People are not getting out of their seats near as often and are spending more time sitting. Even those that are still able to work, whether at home or in the office, remain sedentary for hours at a time. Keep yourself from sitting for too long and stand up. Standing puts more stress on your body, which causes the muscles in your body to work more, meaning they burn more calories. You can burn as much as 200 extra calories a day simply by swapping a few hours of sitting for standing.

We understand that the current COVID-19 pandemic has many people around the world stressed and scared. This virus continues to threaten the lives of millions worldwide, disrupting people’s daily routines. With most gyms closed to protect the general public, people are struggling to find ways to stay fit. However, there are several everyday activities that are easy to do that help you stay fit and healthy. Fitness Nation will continue to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 and will be providing updates for our members as soon as we get them.