Early Bird Gets the Worm. Benefits of Morning Workouts

If you can muster the motivation to work out in the morning, you will soon see the benefits and there will be no turning back. For many, the very idea of getting up and going to the gym before the sun is up is cringe-inducing. However, becoming a morning exerciser has numerous important health benefits, so we encourage you to have an open mind about hitting the gym in the wee hours of the day. Many fitness experts actually say that exercising first thing in the morning is the single most important factor in a successful weight loss program. Whether you make it to an early yoga class or simply set aside 45 minutes before work to get your cardio on, getting in the habit of working out at least a few mornings each week will do wonders for your overall health and daily routine.

While it is common knowledge that working out in the morning is good for you, in actuality getting up and making it to the gym before work isn’t always that simple. That being said, we thought we may be able to convince you to give it a try by going over some of the top benefits to setting your alarm a little earlier and hitting the gym – rather than the snooze button. Even if you aren’t a morning person, we encourage you to take a look at the benefits listed below and see if you may be able to muster the ambition to roll out of bed and get in a quick workout before diving into your day.

  • It will increase your metabolism. Those who workout in the morning are actually enhancing their metabolism and working to burn calories throughout the day. Studies actually indicate that people who workout in the morning burn nearly 200 more calories in the hours that follow a morning workout compared to those who didn’t exercise at all.
  • You will be more focused. People who workout in the morning are actually more focused on their next activity – whether school, work, or something else – because the body has been awakened. So, one of the top advantages of working out in the morning is that you will be more alert and prepared for what is to follow.
  • You will have better long-term results. People who get in the habit of working out in the morning have a higher chance of becoming more consistent exercisers, which in turn will lead to better long-term results. It is no secret that our bodies love routine, so if you can continue to force yourself to the gym in the wee hours of the day, your body will thank you.
  • You will be more productive. It is a fact that exercising increases your productivity and will help motivate you for the rest of the day. By getting in the habit of working out in the morning, you will get your endorphins going and will be more awake and alert to tackle the rest of what you need to get done that day.
  • You will sleep more soundly. Research also indicates that people who wake up and exercise early actually sleep better at night. Because exercise stimulates your body, it is a better idea to work out in the morning rather than at night.

We hope you now have a better idea of some of the top health benefits to working out in the morning. As a 24-hour Bedford fitness gym, we are here to help you exercise when it works best for you. Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person, it can’t hurt to try and change up your routine and squeeze in a quick workout in the early part of the day. To find out about our Arlington and Bedford class offerings, please feel free to contact us.