7 Moves to Build a Bigger Butt

At Fitness Nation we offer 24 hour service to you and your butt workout. Our trainers have learned the precise ways to help you get that butt you’ve always wanted. So, how have we done this? Well, when you start a workout, it’s important to squeeze your butt muscles and hold the move for a few seconds. Pulsing is a great option along with the incorporation of weights, such as dumbbells or ankle weights.

Combining these different workout techniques will help you get a good burn and more muscle. For the ladies, rest assured, weights are not going to make you look overly jacked or manly. Though weights can definitely give you whatever look you are going for, it is just a matter of technique. Another trick up our sleeves is that the smaller your waist, the bigger your butt will look. Easy, right?

Now, we like to give each one of our members a pat on the back for even coming to the gym. That is the first step to getting whatever butt you are looking for. Through careful research, we have compiled seven excellent exercises to help you get there (P.S. don’t worry, our trainers will guide you whenever you need it)

1. Stair Master

Cardio is a great place to start for any workout regimen! Just 10 minutes on the stair stepper will get your heart rate up. This is also a great way to end your workout, too.

2. Wall squats with an exercise ball:

This sounds strange, but is truly great! All you need is a medium-size exercise ball between your back and a wall, then squat. If you do this just for 10 to 15 minutes, you will be on your way, my friend.

3. Walk backward on a treadmill:

Another easy move. Just about 15 minutes will do the trick, or whenever you feel the burn.

4. Elevated lunges:

You can do this on any surface, i.e. chair or bench. First, straighten both legs. Then bend both legs as you go down into a squat. Everybody has a different weight threshold, so this is something you can do with or without weights!

5. Donkey kicks:

At the gym on the floor or a yoga mat, get down on all fours and bend one leg up toward the ceiling. Make sure you squeeze your glutes until you return to the starting position. Just a few sets are good for you to feel the burn, but make sure to even out both legs! Again, with or without weights works.

6. Weighted squats:

These are best with weights. However, you can do traditional squats for longer reps, too. Remember, for squats, it’s imperative that when you lower down, your knees never go past your shoes. Maintain your posture, and squeeze your butt! Always have good posture. And, of course, make sure you squeeze your butt on the way up.

7. Lastly, good ol’ leg presses:

Our leg press machine is great for toning up your calves, butt and upper thighs. Beginners should start with less weights and add them on as they build endurance and muscle.

For your perfect butt shape needs and questions, contact us at our 24-hour locations in Hurst and Bedford, Texas. Fitness Nation is here for you!