5 ways to keep your New Year’s fitness goals

There’s just something special about the freshness of a new year. It’s exciting to declare a handful of new year’s resolutions and to make the decision to make positive changes and healthier choices in the new year. Having the vision of a new start, a new and improved you, a blank slate, is a really invigorating thing for most people. Most of the time, our New Year’s resolutions include various fitness and health goals. In the beginning, it’s super exciting and empowering. We start out our New Year’s resolutions with a lot of energy and motivation. The problem though, is that usually this new-found energy and motivation is slightly short-lived. Many of us have difficulty maintaining our new fitness and health goals in the new year, and for a lot people, even through the first month of January. But, if you have decided that one of your New Year’s resolutions, is to maintain and stay strong in the perseverance of your new fitness and health goals, then keep reading to check out 5 ways to keep up with your New Year’s fitness goals.

#1 First things first… Be realistic

The first thing you need to do to ensure that you can keep up with your New Year’s fitness goals, is to make ones that are realistic. If you go too crazy with your goals, you are setting yourself up for failure from the beginning. Start with moderate goals that you know you will be able to manage and keep up with.

#2 Make it easier on yourself…Be specific

By being very specific as to what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and how you will achieve it, you will be way more likely to succeed in your goals. Come up with a plan that will be easy for you to refer to, to set it out, and to follow. Keep things on a time schedule, down to the day.

#3 Be there for you… Hold yourself accountable

Record your achievements, and keep track of the execution of your goals. Have something set up where you can mark off that you made it through another workout or reached a specific goal. Have something set up on your phone or on a calendar in your room where you will be able to see in plain sight every day what your goals are and whether or not you achieved them. A really great way to hold yourself accountable is to join a nearby Arlington 24 hour gym. Joining a gym can really help to keep you accountable. When you have made the commitment to the gym, it makes more sense to make the commitment to yourself as well. And having the option of being able to work out 24 hours a day is also a great way to make no excuses.

#4 We all need support…Have other people to hold you accountable

Not only should you hold yourself accountable, but having someone else to help hold you accountable is another really great way to keep up with your New Year’s fitness goals. Whether it’s people at your nearby Bedford fitness center, or a workout buddy that has made the commitment alongside you, you will be way more likely to achieve your goals with the help of someone else. A really great way to find people to hold you accountable, is to participate in group workout classes. By attending group workout classes, you will immediately gain a few friends to help you keep to your word.

#5 Most importantly… Don’t give up

This final tip is an important one. If you fall off track for a day, or a week, or even for a month, that doesn’t mean you can’t get back up and pick up right where you left off. Write down on your phone’s notes, or on a piece of paper on your fridge, the reasons why you are doing this, and why it is important to you to stick to your goals. Remember, you made these commitments to yourself for a reason, and you owe it to yourself to not give up.

Here at Fitness Nation, we are excited to join in on your new fitness journey. Let us be there for you when it comes to keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions this year. From personal trainers, to like-minded gym-ers, to our abundant list of group workout classes to choose from, we know you will find what you need here at our Arlington fitness center. Contact us, or come stop by today, and let’s get started on the new, improved, and happier you!