5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gym Membership

If you have finally decided it is time for you to commit to a gym membership, then you have taken a step in the right direction towards your fitness goals! However, before you actually put pen to paper on your new membership, you should first educate yourself on the gym you intend on going to and everything else that owning a gym membership comes with. A gym membership can be a big investment, so it makes sense to understand the type of situation you are getting yourself into. It is important for you to take a tour of a gym before you decide on signing a membership there. Some gyms including Fitness Nation offer a free guest pass that allows you the opportunity to test the gym out before signing up. This guest past will allow you to answer a few questions you may have. Here are five crucial pieces of information that you should know before purchasing your gym membership.

When & Where

One of the most important factors in your decision of joining a gym of your choice is the location of the gym to you. A gym can check all of the right boxes, but if it is too far away, the chances you will actually visit the gym are slim. You want a location that is close enough so that on days when you are on a time crunch, actually going to the gym won’t put a strain on your day.

It is also important to know when those location’s hours of operations are. Some gyms are open 24/7 while others close early on weekends or aren’t even open. Even if the gym is in a location that is not out of the way for you, it does you no good if it is never open when you want to work out. Knowing where a gym is and when it is open are some of the first pieces of information you should find out when looking for a gym membership.


Agreeing to a gym means that you will be spending a large majority of your time there. You wouldn’t want to be spending all of this time with people you may not get along with. Your gym should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and those feelings can be affected by the people who populate your gym. Gyms often attract members of specific age types, so it’s important for you to understand what age group fits you best.

The staff members of the gym should also be noted when choosing your membership. The staff should be helpful and supportive, answering any questions you may have. Their job is to make sure you get the most out of your experience there. If you go on a visit to a gym, make sure to ask about the staff and trainers’ certifications and see how helpful they can be.


Probably the most obvious factor, when choosing the right gym and agreeing to a membership, is the kind of workout and fitness equipment it has to offer. If you have specific fitness goals in mind, then you should have an understanding of what amenities and equipment you will need. Are there enough of the equipment that is most used so that you won’t spend as much time waiting around? Are there time limits on the cardio machines? Also, remember to keep an eye out for out-of-order machines. You want to make sure that your gym has enough of the appropriate equipment that functions properly that allows you to get the most out of every workout you have.


On your tour of a location, you should stay aware of how well maintained the gym is. Yes, with so many individuals coming in and out, sweating up a storm, bacteria is bound to make its way in, but the staff should be making a concerted effort in minimizing the number of bacteria and germs present. See if the gym provides its members cleaning agents of sorts to wipe machines once they are finished using them. If you can on your tour, ask for a look at the locker rooms and see how well they are maintained. Members at gyms are exposed to a wide range of bacteria, so it’s crucial to know that your gym is maintaining their cleanliness.


The price of a gym membership is probably the final deciding factor when it comes to signing your agreement. Most gyms often have sign-up fees, but sometimes they have promotions that will waive off these fees. Figure out the payment schedule. Thoroughly read through the contract. Can you cancel without fear of penalty? Try and imagine how this fee will fit into your monthly budget. Consider all of its amenities compared to the price and see how they match up. Fitness Nation offers memberships for only $10 a month, offering classes like yoga, zumba, kickboxing, body attack, and much more! Also, there are no long-term contracts so there are no issues if you choose to cancel your membership!

Whenever you finally agree to a gym membership, you want to feel comfortable in your decision and not like you are flushing your money down the drain. It is okay to be a little picky. Ask your friends what gyms they prefer. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. After all, this is your money you’re spending. If you are interested in joining a gym, schedule a tour or use one of our free guest passes with our fitness gyms in Bedford or Arlington, and see how well of a fit Fitness Nation will be for you!