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The Perfect Gym That’ll Want You To Exercise More

In Gym by Asad Kothari

We all know that regular exercise is key to keeping yourself fit and healthy. But how is one to find the motivation to exercise in the first place? Well, many people join a gym to follow a fitness program because they feel that they are better motivated in a gym environment. However, a lot of …

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Is Pilates the Right Fit For You?

In Pilates by Asad Kothari

Pilates has taken the fitness world by storm globally. No fitness center is complete without some form of Pilates being offered at the facility. A fairly more contemporary form of exercise as compared to yoga and Tai chi, Pilates was developed in the 1920s to cater to the needs of those who needed physical rehabilitation. …

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3 Cycling Tips to Make You Look Like A Pro

In Cycle by Asad Kothari

If you’ve recently decided to try your hand at indoor cycling, but don’t want to look like a fool, you’ve come to the right place. We understand how intimidating it can be to step outside of your comfort zone and attend a group class like cycling, which is why we want to make sure you …

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Why Kickboxing is Good for Weight Loss

In Kickboxing by Asad Kothari

The benefits of kickboxing are tenfold, from helping tone your body and build muscle mass to trimming down the waistline. Another reason many people turn to kickboxing is to lose weight. If this is why you are thinking about taking a kickboxing class, it is important you understand that losing weight with kickboxing can be …

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The Lesser Known Benefits of Yoga

In Yoga by Asad Kothari

It is no secret that yoga is great for you – both in body and mind. However, there are numerous great benefits of adopting a regular yoga practice that they don’t tell you. In addition to strengthening your body and helping with flexibility, yoga can work to benefit your internal organs, help with anxiety, and …